baby in diaper skateboarding

Skatboarding Baby

This baby in a diaper is not just playing around with a skateboard, he's actually skateboarding in a diaper. He's not bad either, no fear. Can you … [Read More...]

if google was a guy

If Google Was A Guy

These are just hilarious and pretty accurate. Presented by College Humor, a guy sites behind a desk answering to a line of zombies with their Google … [Read More...]

gopro hula hoop burning man

GoPro Hula Hoop Cam

This video taken at Burning Man with a GoPro Camera on a Hula Hoop has got to be the most genius pervy idea ever. Apparently there is a lot of … [Read More...]

hero fireman saves kitten go pro

Fireman Saves Kitten

This heart warming video may bring a tear to your eye. Watch as this fireman wearing a GoPro camera rescues this unconscious kitten from a … [Read More...]


Dear Neighbor

Well, I couldn't help to find myself laughing out loud at this email exchanges between two neighbors dueling it out over the location of a flood … [Read More...]


I Ate All Of Your Candy

I ate all of your candy! Jimmy Kimmel has actually had parents do this 3 years in a row now and I have them all linked below. These are great! The … [Read More...]

oh joby on beach

Dog Poops On Beach

This guy Lonnie and his good dog Joby at the beach. Joby is such a good dog. Until.... well just watch. I really laughed hard at this one. … [Read More...]

obama rap parody

Obama Rap Parody

Baracka Flocka Flame Obama Rap Parody These are just hilarious enough to share with you. How clever are these Barack Obama Rap videos? Baracka … [Read More...]

strangers first kiss

Strangers First Kiss

This video is kind of fuzzy! It's real cute at first, to see these strangers, who have never met before, stand awkwardly being forced to kiss … [Read More...]