baby in diaper skateboarding

Skatboarding Baby

This baby in a diaper is not just playing around with a skateboard, he's actually skateboarding in a diaper. He's not bad either, no fear. Can you … [Read More...]

if google was a guy

If Google Was A Guy

These are just hilarious and pretty accurate. Presented by College Humor, a guy sites behind a desk answering to a line of zombies with their Google … [Read More...]

free the nipple facebook

Free The Nipple

Why is this legal, when this is not? I mean really, if women want to walk around topless, by all means let them! Be sure to look out for … [Read More...]


SkyRunner Only $119k

The SkyRunner is now the coolest thing you're saving money for. Check it out. The futuristic looking SkyRunner can reach a top speed of 115mph … [Read More...]

gopro hula hoop burning man

GoPro Hula Hoop Cam

This video taken at Burning Man with a GoPro Camera on a Hula Hoop has got to be the most genius pervy idea ever. Apparently there is a lot of … [Read More...]

hero fireman saves kitten go pro

Fireman Saves Kitten

This heart warming video may bring a tear to your eye. Watch as this fireman wearing a GoPro camera rescues this unconscious kitten from a … [Read More...]


Dear Neighbor

Well, I couldn't help to find myself laughing out loud at this email exchanges between two neighbors dueling it out over the location of a flood … [Read More...]


I Ate All Of Your Candy

I ate all of your candy! Jimmy Kimmel has actually had parents do this 3 years in a row now and I have them all linked below. These are great! The … [Read More...]

oh joby on beach

Dog Poops On Beach

This guy Lonnie and his good dog Joby at the beach. Joby is such a good dog. Until.... well just watch. I really laughed hard at this one. … [Read More...]

obama rap parody

Obama Rap Parody

Baracka Flocka Flame Obama Rap Parody These are just hilarious enough to share with you. How clever are these Barack Obama Rap videos? Baracka … [Read More...]

american gun breakfast

American Breakfast

European: As a European, this is how I imagine Americans have breakfast. American: As an American, I want to clear this up. This is what my breakfast … [Read More...]


I Drew A Picture Of You

I drew a picture of you! Online Dating Plentyoffish Okcupid I found these online and they are funny enough to share. This guy trolls girls from … [Read More...]

Tunnel Falls

Pacific Crest Trail

Running from the US / Mexico border all the way through the deserts of Southern California, up into the Sierra Nevada's throughout Central California … [Read More...]

fcc comcast connection


Net Neutrality is almost destroyed. The FCC consist of cable lobbyist and love triangles so deep the whole organization needs to be deconstructed and … [Read More...]

Magic Vine Zach King

This guy Zach King does video magic on his Vine account. I myself have not used Vine yet because it was horrible once it finally came out on … [Read More...]